Clean Beauty*
Illuminating action
Less product waste
Tailor made effect
Natural highlighter


*International std ISO 16128-1 natural ingredients



Up-shimmer pearls is an innovative cosmetic creation distinguished by its elegant presentation in the form of a bracelet. Its magic lies in the composition of the jewel: highlighters in the form of precious pearls. Handcrafted with precision, the bracelet comes with an opportunity for customization. You can choose the number and type of pearls to add to the product, thus creating an exclusive piece of jewellery that perfectly suits your style and personality. Up-shimmer pearls transform the concept of facial lighting, pushing you to explore and personalize your look all over your body. In fact, it is important to emphasize that this composition offers two distinct sensory experiences: a light caress on the skin for a gentle illumination, and a bolder, more vibrant effect by completely pressing the pearl onto your skin. This approach not only enhances your beauty, but also contributes to a sustainable choice by avoiding excessive product waste during use.

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