Clean Beauty*
Exfoliating action
Greedy scent
Creamy texture

*International std ISO 16128-1 natural ingredients



Scrub is a truly fundamental cosmetic in each of us’s beauty routine, but often we don’t give it the right importance. Applying a scrub helps eliminate these dead cells, exfoliate and make the skin brighter, healthier looking. A unique proposal with enveloping textures and unique and delicious scents, to give the skin a pampering of well-being.
Coffee: it stimulates cell turnover and circulation, helps counteract skin blemishes.
Lemon: it stimulates cell turnover and helps smooth the skin’s surface, giving a regenerated appearance.
Salt: it stimulates cell turnover and performs a regenerating and soothing action.

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Q.PCSK.SR.1006 / Q.PCSK.SR.1006.1 / Q.PCSK.SR.1006.2