Radiant skin
Creamy texture
Quick drying


*International std ISO 16128-1 natural ingredients



Illuminating texture to enhance the complexion. A "potion" of light, an illuminating elixir that sculpts the face with a new concept of contouring that enhances the features and gives freshness to the face. The fluid and light texture of melts in contact with the skin creating a veil of diffused luminosity that dries quickly remaining comfortable on the skin, without sticking. Spherical powders reflect natural light, optically filling in small wrinkles and imperfections, giving the sensation of relaxed and smooth skin. A special oil with emollient properties offers an unprecedented sensoriality and guarantees a long-lasting luminous result. A few drops of this product are enough to create a sophisticated and radiant look. It can be used alone to create points of light or mixed with cream or foundation for a natural glowy effect.

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Q.PCCO.EM.0019 / Q.PCCO.EM.0019.1