Clean Beauty*
3-in-1 product
Modulable texture
Glamorous effect
Long lasting

*International std ISO 16128-1 natural ingredients



Dream caps lip&cheeks is a convenient single-dose formula to give a Glam touch to the face. An innovative 3-in-1 product to apply to eyes, cheeks and lips. Break off the handy capsules and let the product pour out. With the help of your index finger, spread over the affected area and modulate the intensity of the color by blending the product, or create the shades you prefer on the eyes with the help of a brush. The caps that enclose the powder, are composed of a vegetarian, all-natural, paper-derived solution that is Kosher and Vegetarian society certified. An all-natural makeup product, from the formula, to the handy capsule that encloses it. Carry Makeup with you at all times for magical makeup!

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