StarGATE to beauty

Beauty confirms itself as the means that allows you to express not only yourself, but above all your essence.
Soft glam and nude have been the keywords of recent years, but now that we are starting to breathe an area of freedom, there is an increasing desire for different skincare and colorful and clearly visible makeup, with which to let loose with creativity.

Hence the STARGATE to Beauty experience, which offers a galactic beauty, set among some of the most important constellations, and which surprises with its unique and glamorous textures.


Skincare gives more and more importance to psycho-dermatology.

Hydra, the constellation represented by the brightest stars, is designed to represent skin care products, which must always be healthier, younger and more vital. After the glamorous party makeup, glitter is back in regenerating textures, such as serums, creams or masks.
Latest generation active and captivating textures are the keywords for a WOW effect.
Happiness also comes from the health of our skin!

Andromeda, the constellation linked to the world of beauty, and for this reason represented by make-up products. With the latest trends, make-up becomes jewel, made with three-dimensional and non-three-dimensional glitter applications, crystals and luminescence that make it even more spectacular.

Glamorous and surprising formulas, enriched with functional active ingredients, to always preserve the well-being of the skin, for a… galactic makeup!

Chioma di Berenice, the constellation linked to the beauty of hair. A world where the consumer becomes increasingly attentive to the quality of the product, requiring targeted formulas that respond to specific needs. A line of products is proposed to give volume, definition and softness to curls. Right down to textures suitable for all types of hair: thin, dull or frizzy, the goal is to make them shine in all their vitality.

Libra, the constellation linked to the world of probiotics, the latest market trend. The skin is the main protective barrier and its well-being is also important on a psychological level. For this reason we need to preserve the microbiota, which is our main defense mechanism. We offer a series of products that preserve its balance, but also that promote proper regeneration.