Well-being from within!

In&Out approach or Beauty from within and consists of combining a nutritional supplement to one’s skincare routine.

We can define a Nutricosmetic as “any ingredient or product for oral intake (food supplements or functional drinks) with known benefits for the skin, hair and nails and with the aim of improving their appearance from within, supplementing any physical deficiencies’. Another important aim is to delay ageing, thus helping to protect the skin from physiological ageing action or from exposure to environmental factors.

Nutricosmetics belongs to the holistic concept that encompasses a state of inner well-being closely linked to a pleasing outer appearance. More than ever before, consumers are looking for solutions to slow down the signs of ageing with less invasive means than plastic surgery for example, demanding treatments that are easy to integrate into the daily personal care routine and with results that can be achieved in a short time.

Despite the fact that it is a discipline that dates back only to the last twenty years, there are numerous studies in the literature that show a significant correlation between the appropriate intake of dietary supplements and improved skin quality. The effectiveness of these benefits increases considerably if, as a combined treatment, specific cosmetics with active ingredients are used that have been tested for efficacy and are able to act positively on the skin. We speak, therefore, of ‘IN&OUT’ treatments that combine the oral intake of nutritional supplements (In) and the topical application of cosmetic products (Out) to reduce blemishes and skin damage caused by various factors.

Complementary treatment between cosmetics and nutraceuticals – the IN&OUT approach – could be one of the most valuable aids for the skin and is now considered the future trend in the beauty market. More and more consumers are incorporating beauty supplements into their personal care routine, acting on the same skin condition through different mechanisms of action than topical cosmetics, but with complementary activities to achieve the same beauty goals.