Sexual well-being has not been a taboo subject for some time now, just as clichés about female pleasure are on the way to being overcome.
Thus, sexuality finally became a cleared topic even for women the moment it began to be associated with the magic word of this period: well-being.

“Sexual wellness is self-care and essential for everyone, but for too long it has been the subject of gender discrimination. Instead, it is part of women’s wellness routines. During the creation of the products, we reason about awareness of our bodies and our sexuality, creating opportunities to care appropriately for our sexual selves.” – US Vogue article.

As overall health and well-being continues to be a priority for consumers, intimate and sexual wellness is emerging as a key component within it. Just like consistent exercise, a healthy diet, and sufficient sleep, sexual self-care is increasingly being recognized as an integral part of overall well-being.

In fact, it promotes healthy relationships with partners, the body, and sex itself, encouraging positive physical, mental, and social well-being. From bath rituals and intimate lubricants to pleasure-oriented products and supplements, brands are continually exploring new territory and offering lifestyle-focused products that simultaneously promote physical, mental and sexual well-being.

Sales of sexual wellness products in the United States have grown 18.4 percent in the past three months, with lubricants in particular commanding the surge. The phenomenon is evident from the United States to Brazil, but Europe is not excluded. This is evidenced by the spread of sex toys in perfumeries for example
such as the Sephora chain with the portable Toy Boy.

Our proposal is to design pleasure, considered now in a new beauty and self-care routine.