From idea to product

C4Q HUB stands out for its speed on the market, excellence in execution, combined with unprecedented innovation.

A team of professionals will be able to guide and stimulate the customer with creative ideas, unique concepts and bold formulas, to be on the market quickly.

Through the platform partners, we manage the project starting from brief development, up to the finished product distribution. We also support the customer with technical and regulatory documentation necessary for the sale and export of the product.



Our approach blends strategy and intuition, aesthetic research and attention to content, research of new trends and uniqueness. We have a clear and pragmatic vision to create innovative and highly appealing products.


Careful research that aims at the development of latest generation active ingredients, to create unique, effective products with ultra-sensory texture. We offer attractive and functional packaging which follow the concept of sustainability and respect for the environment.


Every single project is followed at 360° ensuring high quality standards. The different production phases are coordinated, from brief development to the packaging, with the aim of providing to the customer a unique and quality product.


We provide and manage the technical and regulatory documentation necessary for the notification and sale cosmetic, nutraceuticals and medical devices products; the documents legalization and notifications at the relevant bodies, as well as claim evaluation.