Essential Beauty

The Skincare revolution

Today in the cosmetics world there is more and more talk of Clean Beauty, a philosophy of “Clean Beauty”, in which the focus is on less is more.
Burn from the need to support the environment and help the planet, it promotes greater transparency in terms of both the ingredients used and the production chain, a vision based on authenticity and the will to make a difference.
The beauty products that are part of this “Clean” movement, they are made up of less and natural origin ingredients, which guarantee greater safety for our health as they are free of chemicals considered potentially harmful, toxic, irritation to our skin.

Transparency is the keyword of Clean Beauty manifesto towards real change, to make a difference in the Beauty as we know it today. A movement in full growth thanks to consumer who, increasingly aware, understand that they can make different choices and expressly ask the market for safer products for their well-being , with few and clear ingredients and with a low environmental impact.

In addition to using only “Clean” ingredients, being can also means worrying about the entire cosmetics production process. The brands are committed to always being cruelty free, attentive to the sustainability of their packaging and eco-friendly (creating small production chain using organic ingredients as much as possible).

Furthermore, the focus was also on eco-sustainable approach with regard to packaging, with recyclable or reusable materials. The goal is to reduce the carbon footprint by reducing the packaging itself. As well as the energy needed to produce and ship it.