Beauty liquid elixir

Intense product research has shown the latest innovative trends, which offer sensory experiences designed to connect customers with products and brands.
The growing trend is to innovate with liquid textures that can be used to create greater product benefits, with high-performance and
effective, nourishing, moisturizing, etc.. These are textures with a consistency lighter and more delicate,
which therefore allow them to penetrate more easily and
act more quickly.

The formulas are more concentrated and rich in functional actives, which allow them to work with greater intensity on the desired desired beauty goals. These are ingredients that act in synergy in order to restore a toned, relaxed and radiant skin.

Serums to capture more attention, and many times to increase their effectiveness, are enriched with valuable suspension pearls. These additions create real boosters of actives, which go to activate the formula, and at the same time offer a WOW effect to the application, especially for the younger generation, immersed in social media and looking for Instagrammable textures

Today’s consumers also tend to associate these liquid-based products with skin sensations that are refreshing, invigorating and rejuvenating.
Liquid textures have seen a further increase in men’s beauty routines, a category most reluctant to create their own own beauty routine.

The increased education of consumers has led them to have more demanding to their appearance and the way they take care of themselves. This has become
particularly prevalent among Gen Zs, accounting for 46 percent of the total. They are born thus new consumer habits that are driving the emergence of brands dedicated to beauty women’s and men’s.